Arm of Casso

Red Summer

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Dimensions: 24x30

Medium: sharpies, acrylic and bubble paint on canvas


"Red Summer: A Glimpse of Peace Amidst Chaos"

Capture the essence of a turbulent time and the search for solace with "Red Summer" – a powerful piece that reflects on a summer marred by gun violence and uncertainty. This artwork portrays a man seeking tranquility in the midst of a city in turmoil. The barbershop, often overlooked, becomes a sanctuary, a place where one can find not only a fresh look but also a respite for the mind.

Witness the resilience of the human spirit as this image captures a moment of self-care, reflection, and renewal. In a society where mental health discussions were rare, the barbershop served as an unexpected source of comfort and connection. "Red Summer" embodies the longing for peace and the pursuit of joy during tumultuous times, offering viewers a chance to resonate with the journey towards inner harmony.

Experience the poignant narrative of this artwork that beautifully encapsulates the struggle, the search, and the eventual triumph of finding peace amidst chaos.

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