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Sitting On Top Of the World

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Dimensions: 24x30

Medium: sharpies, acrylic and on canvas

This artwork pays homage to the extraordinary moment when Pharrell Williams took on the role of creative director at Louis Vuitton. The lively colors in this piece are inspired by the distinctive fashion line of the late Virgil Abloh during his time as creative director at Louis Vuitton. My unique artistic style is interwoven throughout every aspect of the artwork. Pharrell's skin is portrayed in radiant gold, symbolizing the belief that each of us carries an inner brilliance. The title of this piece, "Sitting on Top of the World," encapsulates Pharrell's undoubtedly euphoric emotions upon attaining this prestigious position. Representation holds significant importance, and the presence of individuals of color in such influential roles is a pivotal step towards a future where creativity transcends preconceived limitations based on skin color. I hope you find my creation, "Sitting on Top of the World," to be meaningful.

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