Arm of Casso

My Brother’s Keeper

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Dimensions: 24x30

Medium: sharpies, acrylic and on canvas

This artwork is titled 'My Brother's Keeper.' It draws inspiration from a photograph of my younger brother, captured with his back turned to the camera. When I first saw this photo, it immediately evoked the feeling of an album cover, prompting me to infuse it with my unique 'Sharpism' style.

The vibrant, sunny yellow background is a homage to his nickname, 'Sonny,' a playful twist on the word 'Sunny.' His real name, Santino, perfectly encapsulates his sunny disposition. My brother has an innate sense of style, so I couldn't resist incorporating my artistic flair into his clothing, hair and  beard.

What makes this piece exceptionally dear to me is that it served as the centerpiece for my first out-of-state art show, which took place in Cincinnati. 'My Brother's Keeper' embodies the fusion of family, art, and style, making it a lasting and sentimental creation.

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