Arm of Casso

Like Water

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Experience the powerful synergy of nature and wisdom in Arm of Casso's stunning drawing of a crashing wave, inspired by Bruce Lee's timeless quote: "Be water, my friend." This captivating piece embodies the fluidity and adaptability of water, mirroring Bruce Lee's philosophy of embracing change and flowing through life's challenges with grace and strength. As the wave crashes with dynamic energy, it symbolizes resilience and the unstoppable force of nature. Perfect for any space, this artwork serves as a daily reminder of the strength and tranquility found in being like water. Add this unique piece to your collection and let it inspire your journey towards harmony and inner peace. Visit Arm of Casso's online gallery to explore more and bring this inspirational art into your home today.

All digital prints are available in various sizes on canvas and rigid cover poster with gloss finish. All prints include embellished acrylic accents and gold autographed signature.**Frame Not Included For Paper PrintsInterested in a custom commission piece? Send me a note: