Universal Hip Hop Museum x Tupac Collaboration

My Tupac virtual piece is a unique blend of Egyptian time and hip-hop style, reflecting the fusion of art, history, and culture in a truly innovative way. The concept of merging these two seemingly different worlds was inspired by Tupac's strong spirit, resilience, and creativity, which embodied the very essence of hip-hop. His music and message touched so many lives and broke barriers that we thought could not be broken. He was truly a trailblazer in every sense, which is why I chose to create this piece for the virtual world as a tribute to his impact on the art and music industries. The use of an Egyptian king added a deeper meaning to my piece, as the civilization is widely regarded as a symbol of power, longevity, and wisdom. By drawing upon these influences, I aimed to depict Tupac as an artist who transcends both time and genre and whose legacy will forever be intertwined with hip-hop culture. I am truly grateful to the Universal Hip Hop Museum for showcasing my Tupac piece in their virtual world. It is an incredible opportunity to have my artwork displayed in such a unique and innovative way, especially with the use of Oculus technology to bring it to life in 3D.  Being a part of the museum's collection is a great honor for me as an artist, and I'm thrilled to be a part of its mission to promote and preserve the history and culture of hip-hop. Thank you again to the Universal Hip Hop Museum for this amazing opportunity.

You can take a look at this virtual world by following this link https://www.spatial.io/s/UHHM-Subway-645309f1d6e32e030cd888dd