Sharpism x 11 Alive NBC feature

Engaging with the students at Ethos Classical in this initiative has been profoundly fulfilling. My decision to volunteer was rooted in a deep-seated belief in nurturing creativity and education among young minds. Throughout this journey, I've been fortunate to witness the profound impact of art, kindling joy and inspiration within these budding creatives. Witnessing their enthusiasm and observing their growth in the creative process has been exceptionally rewarding and has, in a positive manner, presented its own set of challenges. I strongly emphasize the significance of children collaborating with local artists, offering them vital real-world experiences and a glimpse into the limitless potential of the arts.

Furthermore, I'm thrilled to share that 11 Alive recently featured me as one of the artists. Here is a link to the segment. Please feel free to enjoy and share this link with your friends, helping spread the gift of love for the arts.