Celebrating Art in Philadelphia

Proudly displayed in the heart of Philadelphia at Monochrome Philly are my original artworks, marking an exciting collaboration with this local tattoo shop. It’s been an incredible honor to contribute pieces that reflect both my passion for art and the vibrant spirit of Philly.

 Commissioning my work for Monochrome Philly has been a highlight of my artistic journey. The respect I have for tattoo artists and their craft has only deepened through this experience, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the dedication and skill they bring to their work.               

 For anyone visiting the area, I wholeheartedly recommend stopping by Monochrome Philly, you can find it at 1146 Mckean St, Philadelphia, PA 19148. To experience the creative energy it exudes. Beyond being a tattoo shop, it’s a thriving center of artistic expression and community – a true gem in Philadelphia.

 My gratitude goes out to Monochrome Philly for this amazing opportunity, and to everyone who continues to support my artistic endeavors. Let’s celebrate art and community together in the City of Brotherly Love!