Arm of Casso x Orange Barrel Media collaboration

I'm thrilled to share my second digital advertising collaboration with Orange Barrel Media and Ike Smart City. My first digital ad was featured in the Historic Cascade area of Atlanta, Georgia. This time, my digital billboard can be found in downtown Cincinnati. I've had the privilege of working on several projects in Cincinnati, and the energy there is always incredible.

In this billboard advertisement, I am promoting Yoma Cincinnati Salon, an outstanding establishment located on the north side of Cincinnati. Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to create a mural for this building. This marks my second collaboration with this fantastic salon, with my first mural gracing the salon's interior.

Through this advertisement, my aim is to shine a brighter spotlight on this exceptional establishment and the vibrant neighborhood of Northside, with which I've built a strong connection over the years. If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, please do visit this wonderful place and capture some photos in front of the new mural.