Arm of Casso x Ethos Classical School

I'd like to share my collaboration project with Ethos Classical Charter School in Atlanta, GA. For the last two months, I have been working with a group of students to design a canvas artwork that will be auctioned off at a big fundraising showcase hosted at the ZuCot Gallery on October 19, 2023. Working with the staff at Ethos and watching the development of all of the artwork being created by the students, myself, and other artists involved has been an amazing journey. The evolution of our piece has been documented by a local news channel, 11 Alive, and I am excited to share that with you all in the upcoming months.

This experience has been both uplifting and challenging, making it a truly rewarding endeavor with Ethos School. Huge thanks to the staff, friends, and teachers, especially Tony who connected me to this opportunity. I'm eagerly anticipating the grand art show on October 19th at ZuCot Gallery.

**Captured in the photo are the students, teacher Tony, fellow artist Vando, and news reporter Liza Lucas from 11 Alive.