Arm of Casso x Cincinnati Music Festival

In July, I had the incredible chance to participate in the Cincinnati Music Festival at Washington Park. Knowing that Snoop Dogg would be headlining, I was motivated to create a special live art piece. As a long-time fan of Snoop Dogg, I decided to portray him using my unique Sharpism style, opting for a vector approach to his face. I aimed to make the colors converge like a puzzle, giving the artwork a distinctive look. The end result brought me immense satisfaction, and the enthusiastic reaction from the festival crowd was truly heartening. Working on this piece live amidst the festival's energetic atmosphere was a true source of inspiration. The sight of everyone enjoying the music fueled my creativity and reaffirmed my passion for art. I'm grateful to Cincinnati for the opportunity, and you can still catch a glimpse of this artwork at Washington Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.