Arm of Casso X Children's Book (Color Me in my Dopeness)


Honored to be the illustrator for this amazing book. Can be found at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Learn more about this book and its author here: with excerpt below

“Color Me In My Dopeness" is a unique Coloring Book Keepsake filled with Positive Affirmations that children can easily relate to. This precious Keepsake was created in hopes of promoting Love of SELF through the art of coloring and affirmations. Created so that our future leaders of the world would know what true LOVE looks like simply by looking at themselves first! Every child will walk away from reading this book feeling empowered to be great, filled with self love, pride, confidence, and Self RESPECT, thus allowing them to embrace every bit of their own DOPENESS, rather than seeking validation elsewhere. Just imagine the world we'd live in if we all knew who we were early on. With Gods WILL and GRACE, this precious keepsake will touch the lives of everyone who reads it, making for a much brighter future for us all!”